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What’s New

  • 59084-full.png

    Key Prediction by Richard Griffin

  • 59476-full.png

    RISEN by James Conti

  • 59402-full.png

    The Spectrumalist, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Wayne Dobson

  • 59463-full.png

    The President's Choice (with DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds

  • 59482-full.png

    Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin Sticker 20 pcs, Half Dollar Size

  • 59480-full.png

    Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin Sticker 20 pcs, Eisenhower Dollar Size

  • 59479-full.png

    Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin, Half Dollar Size by Johnny Wong

  • 59478-full.png

    Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin, Eisenhower Dollar Size by Johnny Wong

  • 59490-full.png

    Omnia Antica Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni

  • 59487-full.png

    Omnia Perduta Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni

  • 59486-full.png

    Dedalo Omega Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni

  • 59488-full.png

    Dedalo Alpha Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni

  • 58970-full.png

    Genii Magazine April 2017

  • 59323-full.png

    Incredible Flying Knots by Ra El Mago and Mantu

  • 58850-full.png

    Limited Edition Hocus Pocus Playing Cards

  • 59362-full.png

    The Intrepid Rogue's Manual Of Deception by Atlas Brookings


Featured Magic

  • 59013-full.png

    Sharpie Through Bill by Alan Rorrison and SansMinds

  • 56938-full.png

    Strong Man by Jimmy Strange and Merchant of Magic

  • pierrotprediction-full.png

    Pierrot P, Rediction by Richard Griffin

  • dvdtruboxset-full.jpg

    Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set, 9 DVD's and Props by Paul Harris

  • fascinatingglove-full.jpg

    Glove Changing Hat by David and Dania

  • ccvestitalian_lg-full.jpg

    Color Changing Vest, Italian Flag – Large by Lee Alex

  • dvdchico-full.png

    Chico: The Complete Package, DVDs, Music CD, Props, Script by Bill Abbott

  • stretchingthe20-full.png

    Stretching The Truth 2.0 by Tim Gabrielson

  • dontlie-full.png

    Don't Lie Spirit Bell by Pangu Magic

  • profolio-full.jpg

    The Pro-folio by Andy Nyman


Magic On Sale

  • Sale! classiccard-full.jpg

    Classic Card to Wallet by Wayne Dobson

    $70.00 $49.50
  • Sale! jwdblfacesptrip-full.jpg

    Double Face Super Triple Coin (with DVD) by Johnny Wong

    $109.00 $90.00
  • Sale! miniharmonica_alum-full.png

    Mini Harmonica Chop Cup, Aluminum by Leo Smetsers

    $83.50 $73.00
  • Sale! h

    Animation Sensation

    $675.00 $535.00